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Dynamically updating treeview node wpf updating large mirrors

Instead they are populated when my model has called a Data Changed Event: Now the View is never updated, since On Property Changed("Name") and On Property Changed("Children") are never called.

I have tried Observable Collection and INotified Collection Changed for First Generation, but it still does not work.

That at least will give the user a visual cue that nodes are being populated.

It won't prevent users from clicking but I think most users will be deterred from clicking by seeing an hourglass icon.

Is it possible to change the Node Template Dynamically or is there any simplier way to do this (like for example, having two different Node Templates and the making one or the other active).

Is there any good tutorial source for stuff like this?It has only one set of controls for the current row and everything else is painted into the window.What I've found with that code is that this seems to be done dynamically because if I turn off the screen updates, I loose part of the window even though I invalidate the entire window and then tell it to re-draw.47 messages have been posted for this article Visit https:// to post and view comments on this article, or click here to get a print view with messages.Hello, i have used the same code but i cannot get the output.I downloaded your project and it works fine but my project inspite of having the same code isn't working well. I managed to get the view part working; that is, the tree view displays all items properly.The issue is that I want to suspend screen updating when a folder with documents is clicked. Database MX :"I want to suspend screen updating" Do Cmd. The Node object of that event is the Node that is being clicked - you don't supply the Node object to that event. Painting = False/True and none of these have any effect on the control. I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing. I'll try making the nodeclick event a stand-alone procedure and call it from the expand and node click events I tried calling the Tree View1_Node Click event from the expand event when clicking on the " " sign on a folder.JDettman: You earlier stated " The problem with subforms is that they are not what you think they are; a grid of controls." Could you go into more details.I'd always thought that a subform identical to a form save that it was nested in a parent form. I think the problem is due to the active X treeview control being in a subform.


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