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This case will be retried in the regional court by order of the Supreme Court after the acquittal was appealed.Another case involves a female officer from Telemark Police District who was issued a fine of 10.000 kroner and the loss of her employment for a period of five years for embezzlement and breach of confidentiality, among other issues.Others include: Some analyses have found that changes in structural disadvantage, population mobility, and immigrant population have been associated with changes in police misconduct.Social disorganization may create a context for police misconduct because residents may not have in place the social networks necessary to organize against police malpractice.Many police cars are now equipped with recording systems, which can deter, document or rebut police misconduct during traffic stops.Usually, the recordings have rebutted claims of police misconduct according to a 2004 study by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and Community Oriented Policing Service; In recent times, police departments have been trying to implement the body camera as a step to fixing misconduct.In October 2007, there was an incident at Vancouver International Airport involving new Polish immigrant Robert Dziekański.Dziekański was tasered five times during the arrest, became unresponsive and died.

In addition, individuals and groups are now filming police in an effort to force police to become accountable for their actions and for their inactions.

The police departments in Pittsburgh have been trying body cameras on their officers to see both the positive and negative aspects of using body cameras.

Recording by witnesses have made a significant impact on the notability and handling of police incidence, such as the Rodney King beating.

As digital recording technology usage has increased, especially using cell phones, there have been more cases of civilians capturing video of alleged police misconduct.

In response, members of law enforcement have begun using eavesdropping and wiretapping laws to charge civilians who record police without their knowledge.


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