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See Blog la table d’Hermes for a review with excerpts in French.The book—in a way similar to Tom Baldwin’s, Lynch is a retired British businessman, archivist and member of the Prehistoric Society of Britain.

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Head of Child Neurology and Social Pediatrics, 1978-2001.

Small random holes in these hide tents would have coincidentally and occasionally formed camera obscuras, projecting moving images inside the dwelling spaces.

These ghostly images carried with them spiritual, philosophical, and aesthetic implications." Archaeological evidence for earlier contact than promoted by the mainstream science and historical communities includes appearance of new food crops, animals, calendars, religious practices, medical procedures, genetics, etc. D, Professor Emeritus at Brigham Young University, Dept. They are co-authors of the ground-breaking book, was rejected for publication by mainstream presses and university presses alike.

Macnab's perspective and scientific approach to the roots of design were influenced by a unique childhood background. Macnab's father, a poet and writing teacher at the Institute of American Indian Arts, encouraged her interest in nature and creativity by giving her a microscope and reading her science fiction shorts as bedtime stories.

He also taught her how to observe and draw nature, taking Macnab camping by horseback in the high deserts of New Mexico including places such as Chaco Canyon, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Puye Cliffs, and the Santa Fe River on Upper Canyon Road, as well as Big Bend National Park in Texas."[Macnab] weaves together a persuasive narrative to support the premise that 'The appreciation of beauty is universal' and that in almost all instances, human design ingenuity can be traced to 'natural' roots." to several thousand acres which are found in the Atlantic seaboard states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. Psychology, Ethno-astronomy, is a long-time Paleolithic researcher who received her doctorate with special honors and congratulations of the Jury.


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