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Xap not updating

You might also want to enter a Timestamp server URL (more on that below).If you want more control, leave it unchecked and sign the XAP in a post-build event.

That’s when you get the following error: “Cannot update application, the installed application and update candidate differ in certificate/signature state.” To avoid this you must sign your XAP.This is fairly easy if you just buy a certificate, for which you can easily pay €100 per year.However, if you (and your users) can live with the first dialog (the warning), you can at least get the auto-update feature. Visual Studio can do this for you, when you indicate you want to sign your assembly.Silverlight Applications can be used with any web-server, including Apache on Linux, and can be hosted within static HTML files or any server side generated page, like PHP, Java, and so on.Understanding that in-browser architecture will make your life easier when it comes to troubleshooting, and so Shailesh Patel takes us through it.In the unlikely event that you don’t know about Silverlight, it’s a web-based technology that allows designers and developers to deliver Rich Internet Applications (RIA) embedded in web pages.Let’s look at the files which are created in a “Silverlight Application.Something like the following is what I used: What this does is sign the XAP only when we’re in Release mode.It first calls a batch script to set the necessary path variables, so the post-build event can call the signtool executable.Even better yet, the complaint comes from the client. The first issue is not a big deal, easy fix, clear your browser cache and/or setup your ASP.NET page containing the SL control not to be cached by ASP. That will resolve your internal debugging and testing problems. The real issue is once the SL application is downloaded to the client you do not want to keep downloaded it on every request ( by design ).


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